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In the beginning: Glenmore Park Basketball Club was founded by Rod & Marion Keating in September 1998.  Through newspaper ads, they attracted the interest of Ben Mackie (the then sports teacher at Glenmore park High), Rochelle Dunworth, Natalee Beadman and Daphne Clarke.

They began canvassing Glenmore Park for players and made 6 teams, the necessary minimum to join Penrith & Districts Basketball Association(PBDA) for the 1998/1999 Summer competition.

Glenmore Park Basketball Club teams are a part of the Penrith & Districts Basketball and is a junior basketball club located in Western Sydney.

Original Club Committee: Rod Keating (Club President), Marion Keating (Club Registrar/Treasurer), Daphne Clarke (Club Secretary), Rochelle Dunsworth as committee member. Each committee member either coached a team or managed a team.

After a few seasons, the Club was faced with an almost complete committee change, with only Daphne Clarke remaining on board.  Ilija Bilbija was voted in Club President, Ken Evans became Club Treasurer, Rose Bilbija looked after Singlet and club equipment, Natalee Beadman became involved as Head Coach, Daphne was voted in as Club Registrar.

The club began to grow to 14 teams which was maintained for a number seasons before exploding to 22 then to 40.  Gradually, teams began to become increasingly competitive with not only rep players but with accumulating experienced coaches as well as educating existing coaches.  At one Grand Final, Natalee Beadman had 3 winning teams, something no other club coach has done before.

Glenmore Park Basketball has grown from 6 teams to its current number of 20+ teams, consisting of 200+ members.

Over the years, we have had many contributors which the Club would like to acknowledge:
Club Presidents: Rod Keating, Ilija Bilbija, Larry Davis, Bill Stellios, Jaiden Fisher, Brett Claxton, JD McDonald, Kathleen Burke

Club Secretaries: Daphne Clarke, Marion Keating, Karen Chijoff, Brenda Attard, Lisanne Camenzuli, Kathryn Faver, Kathleen Burke, Amanda McAlister

Club Registrars: Marion Keating, Daphne Clarke, Natalee Beadman, Alicia Schloeffel, Ken Evans, Kathy Rieksen, Bill Stellios, Jodie Fisher, Raeleene Keane, Vinko Zalac, JD McDonald, Catriona Pennay, Kathleen Burke

Club Treasurers: Marion Keating, Ken Evans, Sharon De Jong, Daphne Clarke, Kathy Rieksen, Joanne Cochran, Samantha Facey

Club Vice Presidents: Alicia Schloeffel, Richard Wirihana, Sylvester Wilson, Larry Davis, Darren Fisher, Brett Claxton, Tania Fowley, Mark Cochran

Club Head Coaches: Paul Blunt, Sylvester Wilson

Long serving managers/coaches/committee members: Rose Bilbija, Brenda Attard, Kathy Rieksen, Daphne Clarke, Judy Bainsley, Catriona Pennay, Alicia Schloeffel, Ken Evans, Karen Chijoff, Greg Chijoff, Omar Tupaea, Kathy Gavin, Paul Blunt, Sylvester Wilson, Catriona Pennay, Gary Clark

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