Aussie Hoops is a Basketball Australia program designed to encourage basketball participation for Primary School children.

At Penrith our beginner Aussie Hoops program is known as "ROOKIES". The focus is on learning basketball skills of shooting, passing and dribbling in a fun, non competitive environment for boys and girls.

Our next level of Aussie Hoops is knows as "GAME TIME". This program introduces members who are ready, to a modified basketball game with the coach on court to assist the teams and players to learn as they play. The focus is once again on participation, fun and inclusion. 

If numbers permit we conduct a Boys Game Time and a Girls Game Time.

All registrations are online at

Programs for 5-6 yo, 7-8 yo or 9-12 yo boys and girls


Beginner fee of $130 includes a basketball, backpack and singlet. 


Active Kids Voucher accepted on registration

Full details and calendar are available by clicking the 'Aussie Hoops' logo

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